Evolve Legal

In early 2018, I joined a product team on a contract to design and develop software that provides case management and client communication for law firms. As the frontend engineer on the project, I am responsible for assembling the frontend stack and writing all of the logic that translates user interaction into API-driven functionality.

The frontend is assembled using Vue.js with webpack (and babel and eslint and several other useful technologies).

I also collaborate with our backend engineer to plan and organize API services to be utilized by the frontend app. We our following the serverless application model, running our backend services on AWS Lambda.

Ad Hoc

In the pursuit of expanding and diversifying my work and experience with design systems, I joined Ad Hoc as a senior UX designer. Ad Hoc is one the top contractors working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other federal agencies. Ad Hoc has invested heavily in design systems and created and maintains the CMS Design System - a fork of the United States Web Design System, which provides optimized components and UX patterns for the unique needs of the users of CMS online services.

I am leading design efforts on a new project, in pursuit of the next generation of financial management solutions. This application will enable states, regions, and the federal government to exchange essential information to secure Medicaid funding.

One of my initial objectives and earliest wins on this project involved advocating for the use of the CMS Design System and the successful implementation of this resource into the application. The CMS Design System provides 508-tested components, built in React, which aligns with our frontend stack.

Bloomberg BNA

Most of my design work over the last six years can be found throughout the numerous research products of Bloomberg BNA, including:

  • Fish Tank Design System

    Fish Tank is the Design System that powers the products of Bloomberg BNA. Components built in Vue.js, backed by tokens defined in YAML for maximum portability. Fish Tank is completely open source - check out the documentation site.

    I am a co-founder of this project and contributed components and decoumentation as a frontend developer. The documentation site uses the design system itself to provide live, dynamic examples of each component. The documentation is built using Vue with the Nuxt framework, which enables server-side rendering.

  • Bloomberg Law

    A cross-disciplinary, all-in-one, legal research platform.

  • Bloomberg Tax

    An industry-trusted source for research and analysis of all things tax related.


Allowance is a budgeting app that enables users to track spending, bucket and allocate funds, and share budgets with one another. Allowance features auto-reloading budgets on weekly or monthly basis.

The app is currently a work-in-progress. A functioning (but ugly) version is available on GitHub.


Kakikomi is a minimalist CMS designed to help writers focus on their writing without any unnecessary features. Supports image upload, markdown formatting, and keyword tagging. The app has an API to fetch articles from the frontend of your choice. Users can also run search queries through the API.

Definitely a work-in-progress. Follow my progress on GitHub.